Compulsory social insurance is a type of insurance organized by the state that employees and employers must participate. However, there are 04 cases below, employees and employers are not required to pay this type of insurance.

Năm 2019, chỉ 3 trường hợp không phải đóng bảo hiểm xã hội

Firstly, the employee does not fall into the following cases:
– Persons working under indefinite-term labor contracts, definite-term labor contracts, seasonal labor contracts or under a certain job with a term of between full 3 months and under 12 months, including labor contracts signed between employers and legal representatives of persons under 15 years of age in accordance with the labor law;
– Persons working under labor contracts with a term of between full 1 month and under 3 months;
– Officials and civil servants;
– National defense workers, police workers, other officials in cipher organizations;
– Officers and career armymen of the People’s Army; officers, career non-commissioned officers, officers and career non-commissioned officers of the People’s Police; cipher workers receive salaries similar to those for armymen;
– Non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the People’s Army; non-commissioned officers and men of People’s Public Security Forces; military, police and cipher trainees who are currently attending to enjoy the cost of living;
– People working abroad under contracts under the Law on Vietnamese laborers going to work abroad under contracts;
– Managers of enterprises and managers of cooperatives with wages;
– Part-time officials in communes, wards and towns.
Second, the employee takes a leave of 14 working days or more in a month:
– The employee does not work and does not receive a salary of 14 working days or more in a month;
– Employees who take leave enjoy the sickness regime for 14 working days or more in a month;
– Employees who take leave enjoy the maternity regime for 14 working days or more in a month.
Thirdly, people who are in probationary period:
Persons who are on probationary terms but do not sign labor contracts are not required to participate in compulsory social insurance.
Fourthly, the elderly are enjoying the retirement regime:
When the employee has retired but still continues to work under a new labor contract, in addition to the benefits he is entitled to under the retirement regime, the elderly employee is still entitled to the benefits agreed under the labor contract. dynamic. However, pensioners are not subject to compulsory social insurance.

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