Some basic procedures for establishing an Enterprise must be known

When setting up a company / business with a lot of information, the legal procedures to learn to have an overview of the registration / operation procedures the company needs to follow in order to comply with the law. . Understand the importance of the tasks, procedures and procedures performed when starting a business, the following Law Hung Phuc would like to send readers the most basic procedures when establishing an enterprise that needs attention, attention.

Procedures for enterprise registration

– Selecting the industry: When establishing a business, the first thing to be concerned about is what the business will operate in. When identifying the field of business operation, it is necessary to compare with the Decision 27/2018 / QD-TTg to find the appropriate industry codes. If it is a conditional business, in order to operate, businesses need to apply for a license at the competent state agencies.

– Choose company name: Each company has a unique name, can be based on the field of activity of the company to name the company. The company name must not coincide with the previous established company. When choosing a company name, choose a name that is both memorable and commercial so that when reading the company’s name, it basically shows the activities that the company will do. Besides, it is also necessary to base on the type of company that will operate to name the company appropriately.

– Place of head office and charter capital: After that, choose the location for the head office of the company, and consider the amount of capital that can be invested in the company to determine its charter capital. Determining the capital of the company needs to be based on the industry that the company is operating in and the size of the company, especially the financial capacity of the founder of the company. Set up the company.

– Filing of company establishment: After completing the above steps, the founder of the company or possibly the person hired to be the legal representative of the company will prepare a dossier to submit to the Registration Department. Business under the Department of Planning and Investment. In which documents need: application for business establishment registration; company charter; certified personal copy of the company’s founder. There are two ways to submit a business registration at the Business Registration Office: submit it directly or online. The legal representative of the enterprise or the person who is authorized to submit an application for enterprise establishment may submit via the business registration account or bring the application directly.

– Announcement of seal sample: After the file is valid, the enterprise will be granted a business certificate. Thus the process of business registration has been completed. At this time, the company already has an enterprise identification number, the company needs to contact the seal manufacturing company to set a seal for the company, after the company seal is required, the procedures to notify the seal sample to the Business Registration Office. joint.

Procedures need to be done right after establishing the business

After completing the procedures for enterprise registration and receiving the certificate of enterprise registration, the enterprise should immediately perform the following tasks:

Declare and pay license tax at the managing tax office

Under the provisions of law, enterprises must declare and pay license tax no later than the last day of the month in which the business commences or if the enterprise does not have any production and business activities, the time limit for submission of excise tax declaration The latest must be within 30 days from the date of receiving the business registration certificate

License tax is 2,000,000 VND / year for enterprises with charter capital of 10 billion or less and 3,000,000 VND / year for enterprises with charter capital of over 10 billion.

Hanging signs at company headquarters

After establishing, the company needs to hang a sign at the company’s headquarters, the company billboard must show information about the company’s name, address, phone number. Avoid the case when the tax authorities come to check the office will announce that the company is not operating at the office and not let the enterprise register to use the invoice.

In addition, For acts of not hanging the sign at the enterprise’s headquarters: a fine of between VND 1,000,000 and 3,000,000.

Open an enterprise’s bank account, notify the bank account to the business registration office, and pay electronically.

When businesses go into operation, it is necessary to have a bank account to make payment transactions by wire transfer and pay electronic taxes.

Application file for opening a bank account:

An application for opening an account, made according to a form set by the bank, with the signature of the company representative and a public seal

ID card of representative (notarized copy)

Business registration license (notarized copy)

The notice has posted the seal sample on the national business registration portal

Note: When opening a bank account for a company, some banks also require additional: Decision to set up a company or charter of incorporation, and a chief accountant is required, then one copy is required Notarized copy of ID card of accountant.

Finally, the company brings the application file to open a bank account to complete the procedure for opening a bank account for the company and receive an account number – activate the account for the company. Minimum account balance is VND 1,000,000.

Register digital signatures to make electronic tax payment

Businesses order digital signatures and register their use with digital signature authentication service providers. The digital signature is equivalent to the seal of the business when paying electronic taxes.

Papers to be prepared when purchasing digital signatures: Business registration certificate, ID card of the representative of the copy photo

Print and order receipt printing

Before ordering the printing of invoices, the enterprises must send the application for using ordered invoices to the managing tax office

Within 05 days from the date of filing, the supervisory tax authority will come down to check the company’s headquarters and announce whether or not the business is ordered to print invoices.

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