The management of corporate assets is one of the important business management issues that businesses are always interested in. In the following article, would like to share to readers about “Process of enterprise asset management”.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho kiểm kê tài sản doanh nghiệp

Firstly, it is important to understand what is corporate assets?
Assets are all resources controlled and held by the enterprise and may gain future economic benefits from their use. Assets recorded on an enterprise’s balance sheet manifest in physical form, such as workshops, machines, equipment, supplies, goods or not in physical forms, such as copyrights or patents. 
Secondly, the asset management process includes the following steps:
Step 1: Plan a shopping management
Planning is the first step in the company’s asset management cycle. It helps businesses identify the true assets needed to serve their production and business so that they do not waste, buy unnecessary assets.
Step 2: Update, enter your new property
After buying a sufficient number of assets as planned, the enterprise proceeds to stock, inventory its assets and update new assets.
Step 3: Export using assets
With the type of property such as labor tools or fixed assets, the business owner needs to carry out the delivery of the property and hand it over to the employee for production and business purposes. The use of assets to help businesses manage assets to facilitate monitoring and management of assets.
Step 4: Revoke and repair properties
After a period of putting into use, the property will be worn or damaged, the business will conduct a recovery to repair the property.
Step 5: Liquidation of assets
When the properties are worn out or the technology is outdated, it is no longer suitable for the purpose of use of the enterprise, the enterprise will liquidate the property.
Step 6: Inventory
In accordance with applicable laws, enterprises must organize certain inventories to review the status of their assets or depending on the type of assets and management of the enterprise. inventory more often.


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