Currently, many major fires occur due to violations of regulations on fire safety. The following article, will send to readers about the procedure for obtaining fire protection certificate.

kết quả hình ảnh cho giấy phép phòng cháy

Firstly, the subjects who must apply for a fire prevention and fighting certificate include the following subjects:
Projects on planning for new construction or renovation of urban centers, residential areas, industrial parks, export processing zones or hi-tech parks; projects on building or renovating technical infrastructure works related to fire prevention and fighting of urban centers, residential areas, industrial parks, export processing zones and hi-tech parks falling under the approving competence of the level district and above.
Institutes, universities, colleges, vocational schools, schools and other types of schools with a volume of 5,000 m3 or more; kindergartens and preschools with 100 children or more.
District hospitals and above; sanatoriums and other medical examination and treatment establishments with 21 or more beds.
Conference centers, theaters, cultural houses, cinemas, circuses with a capacity of 300 seats or more; indoor sports halls with a capacity of 200 seats or more; an outdoor stadium with a capacity of 5,000 seats or more; crowded dancing halls and entertainment service establishments with a volume of 1,500 m3 or more; other public works with a volume of 1,000 m3 or more.
Museums, libraries, exhibitions and archives of provincial or higher level; houses of fairs, historical relics and other cultural constructions at provincial level or under the direct management of ministries, ministerial-level agencies and government-attached agencies.
Solid markets of the district or higher level; other markets, trade centers and supermarkets with a total area of ​​pavilions of 300 m2 or more or a volume of 1,000 m3 or more.
Radio, television, post and telecommunications works of district level or higher.
Centers of command, moderation, administration, control of regional and provincial scales and above in all fields.
Air port; seaports and inland waterway ports of grade IV or higher; car stations of district or higher level; Railway stations with a total floor area of ​​500 m2 or more.
Apartment buildings with 05 floors or more; multi-function houses, hotels, guest houses, motels with 05 floors or more or with a volume of 5,000 m3 or more.
Head offices of state administrative agencies at commune level or higher; working offices of specialized agencies, enterprises, socio-political organizations and other organizations with a height of 05 floors or more or a volume of 5,000 m3 or more.
Works belonging to high-tech scientific research establishments with 05 floors or more or with a volume of 5,000 m3 or more.
Subway construction; railway tunnels of 2,000 m or more in length; road tunnels with a length of 100 m or more; garage with a capacity of 05 seats or more; works in bunkers with activities of producing, preserving and using inflammables and explosives and having a volume of 1,000 m3 or more.
Warehouse of weapons, explosives and combat gears; projects of import, export, processing, preserving and transporting petroleum and petroleum products, gas and industrial explosive materials.
Industrial production works with fire, explosion hazards A, B, C, D, E belonging to the main production technology lines with a volume of 1,000 m3 or more.
Petrol and oil shops having at least 1 pole; gas stores with a total gas reserve of 70 kg or more.
Power plants (nuclear, thermal, hydroelectric, wind power …) transformer stations with a voltage of 110 KV or higher.
Ship building and repairing plant; aircraft repair and maintenance factory.
Warehouse of flammable goods and materials or with flammable packaging with a volume of 1,000 m3 or more.
National defense and security constructions with fire and explosion dangers or special protection requirements.
Secondly, about the procedure for applying for fire prevention and fighting certificate:
1. Profile include:
Copy of Business Registration Certificate.
An application for a “Certificate of satisfaction of fire prevention and fighting conditions”.
A copy of the “fire prevention and fighting appraisal certificate” and a written acceptance of fire prevention and fighting;
A table of statistics on fire prevention and fighting means and equipment saving lives;
The decision to establish the grassroots fire prevention and fighting team;
List of staff who have been trained in fire prevention and fighting;
Fire-fighting plan.
2. Competence to issue fire prevention and fighting certificates:
Submit application at: Headquarters / Department of Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Department of province / city.
Time of issue: 20-30 working days from the date of submitting valid application. specializes in providing the following fire protection license application service:
Counseling on conditions for applying for fire prevention and fighting certificates;
Advice on procedures for granting Fire Prevention and Fighting Certificate;
Consulting drafting related documents;
Consultancy to prepare documents;
On behalf of customers working with competent authorities to apply for fire protection certificates.

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