Member registration book

Immediately after being granted a certificate of enterprise registration, an enterprise should register a member register.

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The contents of a member register include:
a) Name, enterprise identification number, address of the head office of the company;
b) Full name, permanent address, nationality, ID card number, identity card, passport or other lawful personal identification for individual member; name, number of establishment decision or enterprise identification number, address of head office, for members being organizations;
c) Capital share, value of contributed capital, time of capital contribution, type of assets contributed as capital, quantity and value of each type of assets contributed as capital by each member;
d) Signatures of members being individuals or legal representatives of members being organizations;
d) Number and date of issue of the certificate of capital contribution of each member.
The register of members is kept at the head office of the company.
In case of transfer of contributed capital but have not fully recorded the transferor’s information in the register of members, the transferor still has the rights and obligations corresponding to the relevant contributed capital until the information is released. The assignee is fully recorded in the member register.

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