The electronics industry is increasingly attracting a large number of foreign investors to invest in this field. Moreover, Vietnam in general and Vinh Phuc province in particular are becoming a potential market of the world, worth the attention of investors. Therefore, in recent times, many foreign investors, especially Korean and Japanese investors, are investing in Vietnam. To meet this demand, would like to advise customers about the establishment of foreign-invested enterprises in electronics.

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Foreign enterprises operating in this field operate mainly in the field of computers and other related services. Because of the limited investment conditions, the procedure has been expanded and simplified. In order to set up foreign enterprises in electronics, it is necessary to carry out the following procedures:
– Before submitting the application file for registration of the establishment of an investment project, the investor shall make an online declaration on the national investment portal.
– After declaration, investors submit paper documents to the Department of Planning and Investment (if the enterprise is outside the scope of industrial parks and special economic zones) or the Management Board of industrial parks (if the enterprise is located in industrial zones or special economic zones);
– Within 10 working days after receiving a valid dossier, the Department of Planning and Investment (the Management Board of industrial parks) shall grant an investment certificate to foreign investors. If the file is invalid, the Department of Planning and Investment (Industrial Zone Authority) will notify the investor to amend the file.
– After being granted the investment registration certificate, the investor shall follow the procedures to apply for an enterprise registration certificate for a 100% foreign-owned company established in Vietnam.
– Declaring license tax and tax procedures related to the operation of investment projects and companies.

      Service of establishing foreign-invested enterprises in electronics field of

– Consulting on the provisions of Vietnamese law related to the electronics and telecommunications industry;
– Consulting appropriate investment forms;
– Specific guidance on documents related to the establishment of an enterprise
– Consulting, guiding the selection of industries related to the field of electronics and telecommunications activities of the enterprise.
– Representatives of investors work with state agencies in the procedures of applying for enterprise registration certificates;
– Explanation on the conditions of foreign investors in meeting the requirements of Vietnamese law;
– Regular legal advice on issues arising related to the business activities of the business;
– Consult the procedures for businesses starting to establish;
– Updating legal information related to electronics industry and the general legal system;

Above is information related to procedures as well as tasks that will work with you in the process of establishing a foreign-invested enterprise in Vietnam in the field of electronics. Please contact us at hotline 0982 466 166 for advice, support quickly, promptly and accurately.

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