Independence – Freedom – Happiness

…….., date    month     year 2020


Article 1: Working time

Working time is 8 hours / day, from Monday to Saturday.

1.1. Winter working time

– The morning starts from 7:30 ‘to 11:30’.

– The afternoon starts from 13:00 ‘to 17:00’

1.2. Summer working time

– Morning starting from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm

– The afternoon starts from 13:00 ‘to 17:00’

Article 2: Ethics and morals

Not working privately during office hours.

Employees must use appropriate attire.

Honest and highly responsible, dedicated to the job.

Article 3: Labor safety

– Do not smoke, drink beer, alcohol or gamble.

– Comply with regulations on fire prevention, fire fighting, electrical safety.

– Do not bring flammable or explosive items into the Company.

– All employees going out during working hours must notify the person in charge.

Article 4: Property management

– Do not bring assets, production tools, daily life tools of the company. When it is necessary to bring it outside, there must be the consent of the person in charge and the Company Director.

– Conscious of saving and protecting common property.

– Do not arbitrarily use other people’s private property.

Article 5. Prohibited acts

– Smoking in designated areas is not allowed to smoke;

– Do not play cards, chess or other games in the form of money food. Drinking alcohol, beer or other stimulants is strictly forbidden during working hours, lunch breaks, causing disunity, fighting each other internally and externally.

– Unethical or inappropriate behavior at the Company’s headquarters;

– Storing weapons, explosives or other dangerous or prohibited items in the Company’s headquarters;

– Intentionally causing damage to or theft of the Company’s assets or other employees’ property;

– Sexual harassment or any other harassment or discrimination against colleagues.

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