Abolish all 08 legal documents promulgated by the Minister of Finance

tạo chuyển biến mới về chất lượng văn bản quy phạm pháp luật và ...

This is the main content in Circular 60/2020 / TT-BTC dated June 19, 2020, abolishing legal documents issued by the Minister of Finance in the field of corporate finance.
Accordingly, all 08 legal documents issued by the Minister of Finance are abolished in the following fields:
– Circular 206/2012 / TT-BTC dated 26/11/2012 guiding the establishment, management and use of centralized funds of Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Group.
– Circular 21/2014 / TT-BTC dated February 14, 2014 promulgating the regulation on activities of authorized representatives for state capital invested in enterprises.
– Circular 198/2011 / TT-BTC dated 30/12/2011 guiding the collection, management, use and remittance to the state budget of maritime pilotage fees and the mechanism of ordering for provision of maritime pilot services .
– Circular 131/2010 / TT-BTC dated 06 September 2010 guiding the implementation of the Regulation on capital contribution and share purchase of foreign investors in Vietnamese enterprises.
– Circular 92/2007 / TT-BTC dated 31/7/2007 guiding the determination of paid land use levies and land use right transfer proceeds originating from the state budget.
– Circular 41/2013 / TT-BTC dated 11/4/2013 guiding Decree 67/2012 / ND-CP dated 10/9/2012 amending Decree 143/2003 / ND-CP dated November 28, 2003. guide the Ordinance on exploitation and protection of irrigation works.
– Circular 178/2014 / TT-BTC dated 26/11/2014 guiding some financial contents when bidding, placing orders and delivering plans to units in charge of public exploitation management. irrigation process.
– Decision 104/2008 / QD-BTC dated 13 November 2008 amending the Regulation on management and use of Enterprise Arrangement Support Fund at Corporations, State Corporations and Parent Companies, issued together with Decision 09/2008 / QD-BTC dated 31/01/2008.
Circular 60/2020 / TT-BTC officially takes effect from August 3, 2020.


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