Promotion is a trade promotion activity of a trader aimed at promoting the purchase and sale of goods or providing services by giving customers certain benefits. The implementation of promotional activities should adhere to the principles prescribed by law. The following article, Lawyer would like to share “05 principles when conducting promotional activities”.

6 chương trình khuyễn mãi giúp khách sạn tăng doanh thu hiệu

Firstly, traders called to sales promotion programs are those in one of the following cases:

– Traders directly Promote goods and services they trade;
– Traders providing promotion services shall carry out sales promotion for goods and services of other traders according to Agreements with such traders.

Secondly, 05 principles when bringing promotional activities:
Principle 1: Promotion programs must be conducted insight, honestly, publicly, transparently and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, traders, organizations or other individuals.
Principle 2: Traders who implement the promotion program must ensure favorable conditions for the winning customer to receive the prize and are obliged to resolve complaints (if any) related to the promotion program.
Principle 3: Traders who carry out promotions are responsible for increasing the quality of goods and services promoted and goods and services used for sales promotion.
Principle 4: The promotion must ensure:
– Failure to provide conditions for customers to enjoy the promotion to give up, refuse or exchange goods or services of other traders or organizations;
– There is no direct comparison of your goods or services with those of other merchants, organizations or individuals.
Principle 5: Do not use lottery results to determine results of prizes or serve as a basis for giving and rewarding in promotion programs in the following forms:
– Selling goods or providing services together with contest contest forms to customers to choose the prize winners according to the announced rules and prizes.
– Sales of goods, provision of services together with participation in lucky programs whose participation is associated with the purchase of goods, services and winning based on the luck of the participants. announced rules and awards.
– Other promotions if approved by the state management agency in charge of commerce.
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